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Wave Goodbye to Travel Sickness

Travelling the world – for business or pleasure – is now easier than ever. But whether your journey is by air, road, rail or sea it can be a miserable experience if you suffer from travel sickness.

The nausea, dizziness and vomiting caused by any form of transport are triggered by a confusion of messages received in the brain. Although you may be sitting motionless in a seat, your senses tell you that you are actually moving. Contrary to common belief, the resulting nausea is not “all in the mind” and is experienced by children and adults alike.

Early signs of travel sickness include quietness, headaches and lethargy, often followed by uncontrollable vomiting.

Drug free remedies

Anti-sickness drugs may have unwanted side-effects such as drowsiness and may not be suitable for children or for some adults. Yet there are other ways to help prevent nausea:

  • In cars or buses, sit at the front and always face the direction in which you are travelling. Don’t look out of side windows and focus on the horizon
  • Breathe in fresh air – open a window or stay outside on a ship’s deck
  • Don’t eat a heavy or greasy meal before travelling
  • Keep children occupied – play an “I spy” game for example
  • Most importantly, wear Sea-Bands during your journey